Bigger. Better: Banners

You may be asking yourself “Why would someone write an article about banners?” “How boring!” Banners are the unsung hero of advertising. They are low-cost, easy to install, and the possibilities for their use are nearly endless.


This is what usually comes to mind when you say “banner.” A 13oz reinforced flex vinyl that is low cost and has high visibility.  If you need to wrap a campus or advertise an event, this is the most economical choice for widespread coverage.


But all banners aren’t so diminutive in stature.  Take a look at these behemoths:


Banners of this size require some creative, load bearing finishing.  We recommend an RF seatbelt webbing be attached to the perimeter for maximum holding power (banners aren’t too effective if they are flying down the street).

Looking for a higher end feel?  We have multiple fabric options available as well.  Here we see a few industry standards that are fire rated, available up to 16′ without a seam and printed/finished right here at our facility.


Still reading…?  Thanks!  Pole banners are an effective advertising method for parking lot/campus way-finding and can be dressed up with Sunbrella fabrics.


Banners can be any shape, size, and configuration on multiple materials.  We have a very deep image gallery of examples that we’d love to show you to help complete your next banner project.










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