Wrapping the Great Indoors


BF-wallWhat does the interior of your business communicate about your brand?

Once a client enters your space you have their full attention… it’s time to wow them!

Why you need wrapped walls:

  • Showcase your brand
  • Highlight services/product features
  • Make a more memorable experience to help you stand-out from the competition.
  • Create a dynamic environment with easily updated information/design.

Printed wall coverings are available in a wide range of textures and application types.   Whatever type of wall you are looking to highlight, we’ll have you (and it) covered!


How we make it happen:

  • Textured wallpaper
  • Seamless artist-grade canvas
  • Floating edge-mounted vinyl wall graphic
  • Pressure sensitive vinyls
  • Textured surface/brick wrap

Can you wrap my wall?  It’s lumpy. It’s brick. It’s dark in that space. The wall is painted.

Have no worries, we have the materials and know-how to cover any kind of wall you have!


Wrap directly over painted drywall, and customize your look with different laminates (matte, luster, or gloss) in panels up to 54 inches.  A wide selection of adhesives allow us to provide options that range from long-term tamper-proof installation, to short-term, easily changeable panels.


Until a few years ago brick areas were impossible to wrap. Now, advanced installation techniques combined with the latest in ultra-conformable materials have bridged the gap to make textured surfaces amazing showcases of your brand.


A favorite of museum interiors, floating vinyl wall graphics can wrap an area floor to ceiling in record time. Graphics are attached around the perimeter and have optional edge trim.


For areas where seams are an issue, consider our 126-inch canvas. Artistic grade textured canvas provides a high-end textile look to your walls. Gloss or matte liquid laminate comes standard to protect your new wall wrap.

If you’re close to Louisville, our team would be more than happy to set-up a visit to your facility to help determine the products that will work best in your particular environment.

Do your walls need a facelift? Check out the gallery below and call or email your USA Image sales rep today.




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